Dainton Self Storage Unlocked In Bristol!


Article provided by Dainton Self Storage

Dainton Self Storage are proud to announce that their fourteenth self storage facility is now open on New Gatton Road in Bristol.

The family run business invested around £1.5m purchasing and setting up their newest self storage site on a once derelict piece of wasteland, transforming it into a fantastic new storage facility for Bristol homes and businesses.

The new Dainton Self Storage site in Bristol contains drive-up units and storage solutions ranging in size, some small enough for a few boxes whilst the largest can store the contents of a five bedroom house.

Dainton have invested in state-of- the-art security features, including 24 hour CCTV and electronic gates that provide free and flexible out-of- hours customer access 365 days a year.

The Bristol self storage site is just off junction 3 near Ikea and only minutes away from Cabot’s Circus near Bristol city centre. To celebrate the launch of their Bristol self storage site, Dainton are inviting their neighbours, local people and businesses for a tour of the site during their Reception opening hours with generous introductory discounts of 2 months free business storage and 50% off home storage, subject to terms and conditions.

Dainton’s Bristol Self Storage Manager, Andrew Davis said “I am so proud of the new facilities we are able to offer the people of Bristol and can’t wait to show them off. We’ve worked hard to regenerate the derelict site and I’d like to invite anyone who is considering self storage now or in the future, to pop in and join me for coffee and biscuits when I will be pleased to personally show them our new storage facilities and take them through all the benefits of choosing Dainton.”

Self storage is a popular storage solution for both homes and businesses that need secure storage for anything from archives, retail stock, tools, equipment and household items. Many businesses use commercial storage services to support their operations by using their units as distribution hubs and with deliveries accepted on their behalf by the Dainton staff.

Dainton’ s first self storage facility was opened in 2002 in Devon by Paul Maddicott, the company’s Managing Director. Bristol is the company’s fourteenth facility with another opening in Newport very shortly.

Self storage first came to prominence during the 1960s in America and has become an economically resilient industry in the UK as demand for storage space increases. Self storage provides consumers with their own secure space that they can access whenever they want by way of electronic key access. Dainton, which has grown considerably in the last 10 years, is a family run business and its owner and successful entrepreneur, Paul Maddicott, attributes their growth and ongoing success to the traditional values that founded the company; providing excellent customer service, best value and understanding their customer’s needs.