Storenextdoor Trade Member Testimonial – Charles Perry AVM Storage


In this interview Charles Perry from AVM Storage in Cheltenham explains his reasons for highly recommending Storenextdoor as an advertising platform for storage companies. AVM have been using Storenextdoor for the past three months – they have received eight referrals and five of them have converted into customers.

Storenextdoor: Please can you introduce yourself and tell us a bit about AVM?

Charles: Hi there, my name’s Charles Perry from AVM Storage, Shipping and Removals company in Cheltenham. We’re a local storage company established here in Cheltenham for over 15 years. We offer all sorts of storage from personal effects and furniture through to archive and also boats cars and caravan.

 Storenextdoor: What do you see as the main challenges for the storage industry

 Charles: The main challenges for the storage industry at this moment in time are marketing. It’s very important to the growth of every  business. As far as marketing is goes we are spending a lot of money and more and more on internet marketing. We have found Storenextdoor to be very helpful. It’s worked very very well and the leads are good quality leads.

Charles: The beauty of Storenextdoor its that the referrals come through on email and also on text through our mobile phones so even if we’re out of the office we can still speak to the customer straight away and also you have a hard copy on your computer back in the office as well.

Storenextdoor: Would you recommend Storenextdoor?

Charles: I would highly recommend Storenextdoor for their friendly approach to business and also for the quality leads as well.

AVM Storage, Shipping and Removals of Cheltenham offer warehouse storage, archive storage, and car, caravan and vehicle storage. You can contact them directly at 0800 833 932.