Top tips for storing collectables to keep their value

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Keeping collectables in mint condition

How to keep the value of your collectables

If you are an avid collector, whether that’s comics, stamps, furniture or figurines, it’s important to make sure they are kept safe and in good condition. Keeping a collection in good nick can help to boost the value in the long run, but one dent, chip or scratch could bring the price tag crashing down.

There are a few steps you can take to ensure that your collection is kept safe and sound, depending on the value, there are plenty of little and bigger things you could try. Avoid harsh conditions

Keeping your valuables in a climate controlled environment is crucial. Too much direct sunlight could warp wood, bleach comics and books and often causes damage that is irreversible. The same goes for damp and water damage. These types of harsh conditions can have a huge negative effect on your collection and because it is sometimes a progression, it can be hard to spot the damage whilst it is occurring.

Be careful in transit

It’s so easy for things to get damaged whilst being moved, if you’re moving house, things get thrown into boxes, squashed under heavier items or jostled into the back of moving vans. It doesn’t take a lot to cause lasting damage, and we’ve all seen those items on antique shows that have been valued lower because of a tiny chip or mark.

There are plenty of ways to make sure your items are protected. Make sure to wrap each one individually with materials such as bubble wrap or polystyrene, or a bed sheet if you’re transporting furniture. Also, take time when packing and think about the order of the items you are packing.

Keep your packaging


There’s value in the original packaging.. if you still have it!

If you collect items such as figurines and action figures, it can be tempting to rip open the box to get your hands on the goods inside. However the box isn’t just for packaging purposes, it also holds its own value. A lot of collectables are more valuable in their original packaging, as it usually provides important information like serial number or the year it was made. It also helps to keep the item itself protected from the above issues.

Use storage solutions like Storebox

Some collectors prefer to keep their collections in their home and on show for all to see, but if you have a huge amount of items, it may be best to find somewhere a bit more permanent.

Storage boxes can be the best place to store your collection, with features such as climate control, top of the range security and 24/7 access. This option is best for those whose collection is hard to display in the home, or that have a huge amount of value. Keeping a large and valuable collection in your home can be both consuming of space and also risky in the event of burglary.

Looking after your valuable collection is essential to keep the value growing year on year. It can be so easy to forget and neglect one or two items as your collection grows, so if you can start early and take into consideration the above points as early on in the collecting process as possible, you are sure to keep that overall price tag climbing.

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