Can you run a startup business from a storage unit?

Article provided by Storebox storage solutions

Self-storage units aren’t just for storing those bits of furniture you no longer have room for, or a temporary home for your belongings whilst you move house, they can also be utilized for business.

Business storage is one of the most common uses of self-storage solutions, helping business owners to organise and grow their SMEs. Find out how you could use a storage unit to get your dream business up and running.


A self-storage unit can come in various sizes depending on your businesses needs. With secure on-site locations and contents insurance for everything housed in the unit, you can be assured all your business items and documents are in safe hands.

There is also the opportunity to upgrade the size of your unit as your business grows. Meaning your unit can grow with you.

Filing away

One way to use your unit for business storage is to use it to file away all your important documents. Keeping files upon files of invoices, bank statements and delivery notices can start to take up huge amounts of space. Using a self-storage unit to file all your hard copy documents can give you more room to do the work your business needs.

Grab a small unit and fill it with all the filing cabinets and folders that are taking up room in your home office. With secure locations and security on each unit, your important information is perfectly safe.

Housing stock

Like many entrepreneurs, you may have started a retail business online through sites including Ebay or Etsy. If this is the case, you may be looking for that bit of extra room to keep all your stock and supplies.

Storage units are usually climate controlled and protected from damp, which makes them perfect for storing stock. Boxes and supplies can start to mount up, especially when the orders start rolling in. Instead of taking up room in your home, give it its own special place out of the way.

No matter what your business needs, if you’re currently working from home, investing in a self-storage unit, like those provided by Storebox, you’ll be investing in the future of your business. Give your work room to grow and separate your work life from your home life.


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