Why You Shouldn’t Skip Out On Self-Storage Insurance


Article provided by Storebox storage solutions

The security of your items are paramount, which is why the majority of self-storage providers makes sure to provide access codes to units and 24/7 CCTV on all sites, to ensure you peace of mind.

It’s always a good idea to have that extra comfort blanket however, which is why we urge customers to invest in insurance.

Why do you need Self-Storage insurance?

Self-storage providers want to make sure that you feel 100% secure when storing your belongings in their self-storage units. That’s why they will often offer contents insurance for whatever you are choosing to store with them.

As much as we prepare and plan, sometimes accidents do happen and things like acts of nature can be a nasty surprise. It’s a good idea to put into place security measures, like insurance, to save you in those situations.

What can it protect you from?

Self-storage insurance can protect you from countless different issues that can arise. For example:

● It can protect your items from physical loss or damage caused by events including fire, lightning, explosions, earthquakes and aircraft.

● If there are any articles dropped there from storms, floods, burst pipes.

● Vermin damage cause by an external source.

● Any damage caused by a riot, strike, civil commotion or malicious damage.

● Theft from forcible entry

● And impact from a vehicle

These types of issues and problems can arise with no warning and it can be extremely damaging to the items you are storing. Insurance will ensure you are compensated should any of these things happen to you.

Can you get different levels of coverage depending on your needs?

Of course! Everyone has different needs and some items may be more valuable than others. That’s why it’s important to shop around and enquire with your self-storage provider about the different types of insurance available to you.

With some insurance providers, the higher the value of your items, the lower the weekly payments. To get an accurate quote and make sure you’re paying the right amount, make sure you accurately state the full value of the contents of your unit.

Insurance is something many of us overlook or see as an unnecessary cost, but it’s not until we need it most that we notice its absence. It’s better not to gamble with the condition of your belongings and paying just a small amount a week, can help you relax with the knowledge that you’re fully covered.

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