Who shares wins! (It’s all about trust, communication…and insurance)

Storenextdoor neighbours

Trust and communication are important. Insurance is essential!

One of the first things people say to me when I tell them about Storenextdoor is, “But what if they get burgled?“, and I have to admit that it’s something that would worry me too! 

When we were planning the business we did a load of research (questionnaires and online surveys) to find out if people would actually like to store with someone in their neighbourhood instead of driving across town to the Big Yellow or Safestore, and in most cases the answer was ‘Yes – what a great idea’! But of course people have reservations; as well as the burglary it’s, ‘can I trust this person with my stuff?’ or ‘what if there’s a flood?”. All of these questions are not just valid but they completely underpin the way in which we went about designing the website and the Storenextdoor service. And the result is what differentiates us from other sites that might offer a similar service.

Firstly, we have a great insurance product, that has been put together for us by Aviva which covers items that are stored from theft and damage as well as providing personal indemnity cover for both parties. Secondly we make it really important that people on the site are part of the Storenextdoor ‘community’. As well as having to fill out a profile (including a photo and a bit about themselves) we verify a member’s  email and phone number, and all members have to be registered with our payment provider before a contract is finalised. You are also able to link to your other social networks and it’s amazing how quickly you find that someone else you know is already a member.

As Storenextdoor is part of a wider collaborative consumption movement that is all about sharing and doing business at a neighbourhood level, trust and online reputation are key to being able to use and benefit in the longterm (just like ebay.com, airbnb.com, etc).

Aviva insurance

Our partner – the #1 for household insurance

Of course we are only able to provide so much in the way of protection against things going wrong (a legal contract, insurance cover and verifications in profiles etc); sharing networks are ultimately based on people being respectful and trusting of each other and the bottom line is, if you don’t trust someone or they break your trust you can take your business elsewhere! It pays to be positive. Storenextdoor is all about  reinvented old market behaviours and neighbourhood networks by using the internet – we believe that who shares wins!

love and grubs,


P.S. See below for a summary of the insurance cover that we offer as part of the Storenextdoor contract. You can see more information and download the policy in our Insurance section.


A summary of the insurance cover 

The Aviva Insurance Cover arranged for Storenextdoor, by our insurance advisors Pavey Group, is a significant part of the Storenextdoor service. When a storage contract is arranged via our website the named parties (i.e. the Badger and the Squirrel) will benefit from inclusion within this important cover.

For Squirrels (members with stuff to store), the insurance covers: 

1. Theft of goods (provided the theft is reported to police and was as a result of violent or forcible entry or exit to the property).
2. Damage to the goods if caused by fire, explosion, escape of water/oil, storm, flood, falling trees, impact.
3. For theft and damage, all items that have been listed within the Squirrel’s inventory are covered up to the value of £2,500 Indemnity replacement value per contract. This is as per the cost of replacement or repair of the property lost, destroyed or damaged (to a condition as good as, but not better or more extensive than, its condition immediately prior to the damage or loss). Any single item is covered up to a maximum of £500 on the same basis.
4. £2million of public and products liability insurance cover. This indemnifies you against (1) legal liability and (2) costs/expenses in respect of accidental personal injury, or damage to the Badger’s property, which arises in connection with the storage contract.

For Badgers (members with space to rent), the insurance covers:
1. £2million of public and products liability insurance cover. This indemnifies you against (1) legal liability and (2) costs/expenses in respect of injury, or damage to your property, which arises in connection with the storage contract.

Summary of cover for the storage of cars, motorhomes, caravans and boats
Vehicles, boats and motorbikes may be stored either in a garage (providing the garage is not more than 15 metres from your house) or on a driveway or forecourt. In this instance, however, in addition to the Aviva insurance policy that is provided as part of the Storenextdoor service, the owner (the Squirrel) is required to confirm also that they have their own fully comprehensive insurance arrangements.

It should be further noted that:
1. For Squirrels making any claim to theft and stored goods damage claims, there is a £250 excess charge.
2. Badgers are able to have up to four contracts running concurrently (total insured value £10,000) or five such contracts (total insured value £12,500) if a garage let (maximum one garage contract) is also included.

Further Questions:
The StoreNextDoor service is insured by Aviva (the Underwriters) and administered by Pavey Group (the Broker). If you need to discuss the terms of the insurance cover, please call Ian Yendall at Pavey Group on: 01392 880000.


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