Howabout using Storenextdoor to raise money for your charity?

It could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship...

It could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship… and help a good cause

I’m taking a short break from emailing all the local religious leaders in the area – which is actually rather like helping my folks at home with the family christmas card (me being the blessed offspring of a certain Rev. Badger from Gloucester) – although I don’t remember having to explain my relationship with Squirrels in quite so much detail before.

But here’s the news! could be just the community based money spinning enterprise that your local community trust or charitable organisation has been looking for. Not only  is it possible for a charity to sign up and list spaces in the buildings that they use – basements, empty cupboards and rooms – but you can also mention it to  your members and supporters (individuals who have space to spare but who may not need the extra income themselves are able to contribute their rental earnings directly into any designated bank account).

Don’t forget that’s it’s all insured and the secure payments and legal contracts that we provide should allay any fears about it not being a ‘safe’ option – if in doubt drop me a line and we can chat through the process and see if it’s right for you. Also I know for a fact that Rosie Bennett our Community Director will be more than happy to come over and talk to your group or organisation about it (and coincidentally her Dad’s a vicar too – what are the chances..?!)

Get in touch at!

Viva the self-storage revolution!



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