Launch Party Launch Party

Co-founder Dom Moorhouse welcomes guests to the launch party at Revolution on World Sharing Day

This week we held our launch party at ‘Revolution’ and it’s no coincidence that it was Global Sharing Day.

We were delighted with the turnout and overwhelmed by the positive support from the Bath business and tech communities, as well as the local press.

Bath is a great place to launch a new company at the moment – there is not only a wealth of resource to draw upon (a freelance pool of  highly skilled design and tech freelancers) but also a genuine enthusiasm and support structure for innovation and new startups. It would be true to say that entrepreneurialism is alive, well and being nurtured in Bath; whether it’s by default of getting deskspace at Digicity or moral support and advice from fellow entrepreneurs at networking events at the Innovation Centre, Bathspark and Bathcamp.

The website certainly seems to have had a strong start with over a thousand visitors in the first two weeks. However, the team are under no illusion about the marketing and logistical challenge ahead. As with any new brand getting the customer proposition right is key, and the collaborative consumption business model is no ordinary proposition. Our ambition is to be a nationwide brand but as with any peer to peer service it’s important to roll out neighbourhood by neighbourhood.

The real value for Storenextdoor users is to feel that they are connected on a local level. As well as a sophisticated targeting online  we are going door to door in an old school marketing campaign. And where better to start than in our own communities – so if you see me on your street in my Squirrel outfit please say hello!


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