Squirrel Susan is ready and waiting to store “next door”!

Squirrel Susan seeks nice space!

Squirrel Susan seeks nice space!

This morning I went to visit Susan Black who runs a lovely B&B just round the corner from Victoria Park in Bath. She contacted me last week with a plea for a secure space somewhere central which she could rent out for self storage.

Susan is no stranger to the self-storage scene; she’s  been renting four commercial units for the past 8 years to store the books and personal bric-a-brac that she has collected after years of buying and selling pictures and antiques at fairs and markets.

Now that she is settled as a successful hotelier Susan has decided that she needs to go through all the boxes that she currently has stored, sell some of the items and then store the rest again somewhere local, friendly, accessible.. and not as expensive! As Susan put it;

I’m delighted to have found Storenextdoor I’ve been looking for something privately along the same lines – I even put an advertisement on my gate asking if anyone has some spare room they would like to rent to me. Ideally I need a place where I could take all my stuff and then initially do a bit of sorting out. I would see it is a long-term storage option for the stuff I need to keep and I then I would get rid of all the rest.”

As Susan doesn’t have a car, she is keen to stay local to her city centre neighbourhood, but is ready to get moving as soon as a suitable space is available… so, please spread the word to all the Badgers that you know as this could be a nice little New Year money spinner for someone in Bath with a room to spare and looking to earn money from home.

Please get in contact with me if you need any further information.

Viva la self-storage revolution!



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