More choice for self-storage hunters: the ‘Split List’ option for Storenextdoor Badgers

Are you already advertising your loft, garage or spare rooms on Storenextdoor, or are you thinking of becoming one of our merry band of Badgers (people with space to spare)? Yes? Then listen up! We have a brand new feature which could make your listing stand out to all those squirrels who need space but haven’t found what they are looking for in our current listings. The reason for this mismatch of demand and supply? Well, we are finding that many people don’t want a big room or a whole loft as they only have a few boxes to store… but they are really keen to ‘store next door’ so they get in contact with us asking if we have anything smaller to offer.

So… we put our heads together at HQ and came up with the all new ‘Split list’ options. This allows Badgers to tick a box when making or editing a listing which automatically advertises the space in two halves:


Tick the box and you double the options for the Squirrel.

Ticking ‘Yes’ will automatically list the space in two halves on the site and will indicate that the option is available by showing the ‘Split List’ icon on the space advert in Search. The Squirrel will pay half the price for half the space but otherwise the process is the same (and the same insurance cover is provided).

The 'split list' icon will let the Squirrel know that they can't rent either half or a whole.

The ‘split list’ icon will let the Squirrel know that they can rent either half or a whole.

If the Squirrel is interested in renting half of your space they will select this option when they get in touch with you for the first time and you will receive an email which specifies the dates requested and an alert that it is for half the space.

If the contract goes ahead and you rent out half the space, we will automatically list the other half and it will be clear on the listing that only half is available.

Once the storage contract for half the space has ended the space will automatically be re-listed as a whole space (with a split list option).

The ‘split list’ option offers a higher chance of getting a rental quicker as it offers more choice to the Squirrel. Saying that it may not be suitable for some spaces, for example:

  • Spaces that have 24/7 access where the Squirrel has a key should not be ‘split listed’ for security reasons
  • If a space is already quite small e.g. a large cupboard, it would not be suitable (or cost effective!)

Lofts and spare rooms are ideal as these tend to be quite large spaces. Don’t worry about limiting your options – if a Squirrel wants a large space they are still able to rent the whole space from you (as long as the first half is not already rented).

If you have any questions or comments please drop me a line at or have a look at our Earnings Estimator to see how much your spare space could be earning you each month.

Viva the self-storage revolution!



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