Squirrel alert! What makes a good Storenextdoor listing?

How to make a good listing

Come on all you Squirrels!

Thinking about listing your loft, garage, spare rooms or outbuildings for storage space? What will you do with the extra cash…?

Enough of the daydreaming… let’s think about listing! In our experience there are a few little things that make all the difference between a good listing and a FABULOUS listing – here are our recommendations!

Take good pictures

Great pictures are key to a great listing! It’s important to give the Squirrel as much information upfront and you know what they say “A photo is worth a thousand nuts…” Our suggestions:

  • Try a couple of different angles to get the best view
  • Include a picture of the access route
  • Use a flash! 

Nice to meet you?

Storenextdoor is all about doing business on a local level and getting to know your neighbours (as well as making a bit of extra money to pay those household bills..!)
Your profile is as much a part of your listing as the description of your space and people will love your listing (just a little bit more) if they see a nice photo and a friendly message from you.

Increase the options

If your space is quite large it may be a good idea to tick the option to make a ‘Split listing’.
This means that your space will be advertised as a whole space (for the whole price) or as half the space (for half the price). N.B. If you rent half the space, the other half is relisted automatically.
‘Split listing’ increases your chances of a quick rental and is more ideal for lofts or large rooms (not suitable for garages or outbuildings with 24/7 own access).

Market your space

Once you have made your listing you can share it on Facebook or via email or Twitter. Just click on the buttons and the wonderful web will spread the Storenextdoor love … and hopefully find some ready and waiting Squirrels.
You can even download one of our fabulous posters to print out and put up in your local pub!

Feeling inspired?

Let’s go list! Log in at Storenextdoor and get started with your listing. Remember if you need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.




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