Find a great value solution for small business storage with Storenextdoor

It’s always nice to hear a great testimonial from a happy customer and this week we are bringing you a video from our latest Squirrel! Jo runs a great company called Bollywood Christmas which imports and sells beautiful christmas decorations from India. We caught up with her as she moved her stuff into her new storage space that belongs to Badger Stephen.

How did you find the process of finding storage space at Storenextdoor?

Really simple, it was really easy to use. I just went in, logged in and went to the listings, had a look by postcode of the kind of thing I wanted, All of them are listed there with photos and descriptions, then I just went in and scrolled through them until I found a couple that I thought would suit me.

How did you find the rental experience?

Well once i found a space that suited me, I left a message for the owner on the message board on the site, he then replied, we sorted out the details and when I thought, yep, that looks good for me, again we arranged via the message board to meet, I came to meet him, thought he was lovely, very nice to deal with and, yeah, I decided to go for it!

What have been the benefits of using

Mainly that it was a really quick process, I found what I was looking for really quickly and easily. Ease of access,   it’s really near home so I can come here whenever I need to, and it’s half the price of what I was paying before!

Any further thoughts?

It’s been great, I”d recommend it thoroughly. I was a bit nervous at first because I was thinking what am I doing moving my stock in with someone I’d never met before, but once you get into the process you just feel comfortable with it, my stock’s really safe, I can access it whenever I like and it’s saving me loads of money – so it’s great.

Thanks to Jo for giving us a great Testimonial – if it’s inspired you to find storage with Storenextdoor, come and have a look at our listings and see if we can save you some money!

Viva the self-storage revolution!



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