Storenextdoor Testimonial! Let’s hear it for Badger Jenny from Bristol

In this video, one of our new Badger members, Jenny from Bristol, talks about her experiences of – from how she found us, the process of space listing, the contract experience and what she plans to do with the newly discovered income stream now that she is making money from home! Badger Testimonial – Jenny from

Tell us a little about yourself

Well, my name’s Jenny and I live in this house with my partner and cat. I work for Business Angel Networks which is a bit like Dragon’s Den (but a lot nicer) and my partner works for the environment agency.

What made you list your space?

Well I heard about Storenextdoor actually from a friend, they didn’t actually have much space but they recommended it to me because they knew I needed the extra income. So I had a look and it seemed like a really good site, nice and easy to use and to understand. I like the idea of being a Badger with Squirrels coming to my house. We also had space, this is a three bedroom house, there’s only two of us, we don’t have much content so we thought we would go and rent the room.

I was a little bit nervous, to be honest, about having strangers items in my house but I was reassured by going and reading through the FAQ’s on the site and finding out that there was strict rules about what was allowed and what wasn’t, and the fact there is insurance is really really good as well. And that I didn’t have to go and deal with cash in hand or anything like that, it’s all going through a proper site.

How did you find the process of listing your space?

Listing my space on the website was really easy. I was a Badger so it asked me for a picture of myself and a bit of information about me. I took a couple of pictures of the room, had fun with the tape measure to measure exactly how much space and the site also recommended how much I should charge for the area, which was good as I would have had no idea. The lady called Rosie was brilliant, I think she’s part of the management team.. she got back to me straight away with any questions that I had … it was really easy.

What experiences have you had with Squirrel enquiries?

I have had some really interesting experiences with Squirrel enquiries. First of all I put my listing up and I think I had an response within two days, which was brilliant. The person actually came around and he was really nice – I think I made a friend there! He actually decided he didn’t need the space in the end because his circumstances changed – which was fine. But what’s really good about the site is that you can look up the Squirrels and read their biography and they send you a quick email telling you what they want to store in your room, so you get to initially vet to see if it’s going to be appropriate.

Can you tell us more about your first contract?

Well the first contract was a lady called Kate and she came round to meet my partner and I, we got to know her which is really nice as it’s a matter of trust and it turns out unfortunately that her father passed around a couple of month’s ago so she wanted to store some of his stuff with us. She actually said that it’s a win-win situation as it’s a lot cheaper than going to commercial places and we managed to make a little bit of extra money as well.

What are you planning to spend the income on?

Well, from this I’m going to be making a nice bit of money which is all very useful as it all adds up and it’s going to go towards our honeymoon. We are getting married soon and it’s going to go on a couple of extra scuba dives and maybe try skydiving

Any final thoughts?

Well I really recommend Storenextdoor to people and have indeed been recommending it. I think my friend is going to have a go with it as well. It was a little bit scary at first I must confess but the team’s been brilliant and put my mind at rest. And we’ve got another room and so we’re going to go and put that up on the site as well!


If you are inspired by Jenny’s story to list your space, check out our Earnings Estimator to see how much you could earn.


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